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Rogue Resources Inc.

“TPL and specifically Toshi and Dana are 100% on point for a publicly traded company like Rogue. We would not have been able to do what we have done in the last 2 years without them. After meeting Fern initially and learning that we could have access to flexible and capable services providers with a better economic scenario; well, that was a slam dunk for us. Trust, process and controls are huge, and we get all of that with TPL. Small companies don't always have access to that. Our hybrid financial team is now bigger and better than what I had internally before. So, with The Profit Line we have raised the bar.”

Sean Samson, President, CEO and Director

Meet Rogue Resources:

Rogue Resources is a publicly traded mining company that looks at rock value and good grade deposits that can withstand all stages of the commodity price cycle.  The Company includes Rogue Stone- selling quarried limestone for landscape applications; Rogue Quartz- focused on advancing its silica/quartz business with the Snow White Project in Ontario and the Silicon Ridge Project in Québec; and Rogue Timmins with the nickel resource at Langmuir and the gold potential at Radio Hill.  Core business: Rogue Stone, Rogue Quartz and Multiple quarries.

Why Outsource Rogue’s Finance team?

As a publicly traded company that mindfully operates with light and efficient overhead, the need for outsourced financial support that comes with flexible resources, processes and controls has been critical for Rogue. There is a part time CFO in place, but supporting that role with outsourced functions is key.

Rogue’s finance needs go way beyond just bookkeeping. In 2020, they put the firm they were working with at the time on review. This was the industry standard bookkeeping solutions company, catering specifically to the mining industry, but were falling short on some key areas of need for Rogue.

Mr. Samson scanned his network for alternative solutions and referrals, and was immediately introduced to Fern Gordon, Founder of The Profit Line. After a discovery conversation with Fern to explore better functional strength along with better economics for Rogue, Sean quickly realized that TPL could assemble an incredible team of experts that met his specific and flexible financial needs and do it all within attractive budgetary limits.

What was the The Profit Line customized solution created for Rogue?

In early 2020 Mr. Samson officially engaged The Profit Line to manage its internal accounting needs. A team of 2 senior experts was onboarded and assembled to work with Rogue.

  • Based on their unique needs, TPL manages the following functions:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Cash management

  • Monthly reporting

  • Quarterly disclosures.

  • Preparation for second company to go public

The outcome and results?

Over the past two years, The Profit Line team has been there through debt and equipment financing, private placements, acquisitions, and divestitures, and even the creation of a new subsidiary, EV Nickel.

The TPL team is a trusted partner and manage the day-to-day process and controls that are critical for a publicly traded company. This allows the business functions associated with growth to focus on what they need to do.

Overall, TPL has delivered superior service, controls and processes along with a monthly fee that has delivered beyond expectations for Rogue Resources.


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