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Meet alPHa; With a Lead Role in the Covid Response They Turn to TPL for Accounting Help

The Company

alPHa, The Association of Local Public Health Agencies

The Client:

Loretta Ryan, Executive Director

About alPHa

A not-for-profit organization that serves its members who are the 34 public health agencies across Ontario. Suffice to say, the last two years have been BUSY!

As the go-to place for members to consult and share dialogue about the local public health system, alPHa’s role is to leverage their membership diversity and the variety of perspectives to:

  1. Lead the dialogue with governments and ministries to advocate for the health of Ontarians through a strong local public health system

  2. Together with their partners, provide strategic leadership in building collaborations and partnership across stakeholder groups focusing on strengthening the modernization of public health

  3. Provide members with benefits that equip them to lead in the ever-changing public health sector

As one can imagine, the work associated with the Covid response has been beyond what anyone could have expected. alPHa’s role has been critical, and the LAST thing they need worry about is the state of their accounting.

Enter The Profit Line.

Loretta’s Role

Loretta Ryan is the Executive Director at alPHa and leader of this organization. She has been in her role for four and a half years, and was hired as a change agent.

Her many tasks include being accountable to the Board of Directors to effectively manage and conduct the business of the Association in accordance with the Association’s mission, constitution, by-laws and policies and procedures and in keeping with the Board of Directors’ priorities and strategic objectives. As Executive Director has overall responsibility for management of all Association business operations including strategic and operational planning, marketing and communications, media relations, financial management, human resources and staff relations, and stakeholder relations.

Loretta also manages a tight budget with revenue sourced from membership dues, events, and sponsorships. As a not for profit with an important public mandate, it is critical to use resources in the most efficient way.

The challenge

When Loretta arrived at alPHa, she discovered a legacy accounting situation.

It was immediately clear to Loretta that things needed to be streamlined and modernized in order to improve efficiency. Things needed to change.

Through networking, Loretta found out about Fern and The Profit Line and arranged a discovery call.

The TPL Solution

In 2018, Loretta secured her relationship with TPL and officially moved to an outsourced model for her accounting needs. TPL’s Klara, was assigned to manage the file day to day. Immediately there were cost savings with this arrangement. Klara is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive and set to work to reorganize and upgrade systems for managing the books. Fern assisted Loretta in sourcing an auditor for Loretta (above and beyond the job) and added a strong sense of trust and professionalism.

Loretta receives ongoing and continual advice about ways to improve and optimize efficiency. She has absolute trust in Klara and TPL which gives her the freedom to run her business, and NOT worry about the state of her accounting.

The result?

Working with TPL was a tipping point for Loretta.

Klara had things under control and continues to add value every day.

Loretta has a trusted partner in place and is able to focus on her important job in public health.

With the savings she realized, she was able to restructure to include a modernized accounting team with TPL, add a communications person, and reduce office space required.

She also enjoys access to other outsourced experts though the TPL network.

Klara has become an integral part of the alPHa team. She is regularly thanked and acknowledged by the board and staff.

Loretta says,

“ I am eternally grateful to Fern, Klara and the TPL team. We could not have accomplished what we did over the past few years without them. We would not have been able to serve our members the way did, during one of the most critical times in our history.”


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