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Brodflour: Baking Up Success in Downtown Toronto

Meet Matthew Faust, the General Manager of Brodflour, an urban mill and bakery nestled in downtown Toronto.


Matt’s Path to Brodflour's Leadership:


In 2017, Brodflour sprouted from the vision of an old friend of Matt's, backed by a private investor. While Matthew’s expertise lay in the specialty coffee business, with a background in Barista competitions and dreams of owning a coffee shop, he saw the potential to leverage his skills as a founding partner when presented with the Brodflour concept.


Three years into their partnership, Matthew's business associate shifted priorities and departed, leaving him to navigate the helm solo as General Manager. Armed with invaluable business insights, a team of skilled professionals, and his own creative vision, Matt embraced the challenge.


Enter the COVID Era:


Amidst the upheaval of the pandemic, a surge in home baking, particularly sourdough bread, ensued, accompanied by a severe flour shortage. Serendipitously, Matt's forte lay in sourcing, milling, and baking with local grains, delivering fresh, wholesome flavors.


Amidst adversity, Brodflour flourished. Matt swiftly pivoted, introducing home delivery, forging new wholesale partnerships, and optimizing flour production at the Liberty Village location, ensuring survival and even prosperity.


Exploring Brodflour's Offerings:


Brodflour's business lines include:


·      A mill sourcing and milling fresh flour,

·      A charming café offering a delectable array of freshly made goods and coffee

·      Several specialized wholesale clients.



Distinguished by their local milling operations, Brodflour boasts a devoted clientele. Weekdays attract the Liberty Village office crowd and locals, while weekends draw enthusiasts seeking specialty flour and delectable fresh loaves.


Brodflour’s Unique Selling Proposition:


Central to Brodflour's success is its mill, complemented by a dedicated team delivering both exceptional products and experiences. Matt views Brodflour as a disruptor in the baking industry, championing a "mill, make, and sell" ethos.


While educating consumers about the health benefits of fresh flour, Brodflour provides an alternative to highly processed versions. Despite the challenges posed by COVID, Matt has steadily cultivated a profitable business, evident in positive customer feedback across social platforms. Now, he sets his sights on expansion.


Embarking on a Journey with TPL:


Upon assuming sole leadership in 2020, Matt sought to revamp Brodflour's accounting practices. Dissatisfied with the existing setup, he engaged The Profit Line (TPL) after a trusted referral.


TPL's COO, Adriana, spearheaded an assessment of Brodflour's needs, assigning Rudina as the day-to-day manager. Their focus? Streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and empowering staff.


An innovative initiative involved training store manager Carly in AP/AR tasks, utilizing tools like Dropbox, Plooto, and Quickbooks. This initiative not only simplified day-to-day operations but also equipped Carly with valuable skills, fostering a deeper understanding of profitability.


TPL's Impact on Matt:


As a business owner, Matt feels:

  • Empowered, with a holistic understanding of his business.Informed in real-time.

  • Liberated from relying solely on intuition.

  • Through comprehensive reporting, Matt navigates trends, manages cash flow, and steers towards profitable growth.


The Future of Brodflour:


With TPL's support, Matt envisions a bright future for Brodflour. As he continues to rise, pun intended, the smell of fresh bread and success permeates the air!


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