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How The Profit Line helps this company deliver on their important mission.

Client story:  Susan Bisaillon,

CEO of Safehaven

Susan Bisaillon, CEO of Safehaven

Providing exceptional residential care, respite care, and recreational programming to youths living—and thriving—in the face of developmental disabilities and medically complex care needs.

Safehaven: A Commitment to Care

Safehaven is a not-for-profit organization that has provided residential and respite care to individuals with medical complexities and developmental disabilities for over 30 years. Dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities for their clients, Safehaven advocates for a seamless transition of care from childhood to adulthood and strives to create a more inclusive world where clients can live with dignity and respect.

Everyone deserves a space where they can thrive—an environment that is safe, loving, and allows them to grow to their greatest potential.

About Susan

Susan has spent 35 years in healthcare. Six years ago, she made the mindful decision to transition to the community-based sector, where she could make a positive impact, give back, and use her skills to advance a cause for the greater good.

Susan's focus is on making transformational change at Safehaven, and she has several ambitious projects underway. Best-in-class care and innovation drive Safehaven as a leading service provider in its sector. Susan says that they "embrace complexity" and have expand their services and supports for vulnerable individuals. As a not-for-profit, they are funded through various government agency sources and private sector donations.

Safe Haven needed a new way to manage their finances.

As Safehaven evolved there was a need to advance their operational effectiveness in many areas including finance. With growth and complexities their inhouse one person finance person needed support. Changes in staff presented an opportunity to evolve, upgrade, and modernize their financial processes. Susan reached out to her network for referrals.

Susan Meets Fern from The Profit Line

One referral was to Fern Gordon, CEO and Founder of The Profit Line. By the time Susan met Fern, she was already sold on outsourcing.

Susan says, "I liked Fern right away. She is a straight shooter, understood my needs immediately, and proposed that her team could get started immediately."

So in early 2023 the TPL team, led by Adrianna, delivered the bench strength that Susan needed. They hit the ground running for a timely, pain-free, and seamless transition to QBO.. Lumi is Susan’s trusted day-to-day contact, providing the perfect synergy of high tech and high touch.

How Does Susan Feel Now?

Susan has 100% confidence in the TPL team. She has access to the reports and updates she needs at her fingertips. She doesn't have to worry about managing finances, so she has the freedom to focus fully on her important mandate of supporting individuals with medical complexities.


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