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Life at The Profit Line through his lens.

Meet Client Manager Matthew Bain.

Matthew Bain

Client Manager at The Profit Line

Budding Amateur Photographer

One would never suggest putting the words Creating + Accounting together. However, in the truest sense, Matt Bain is an excellent accountant, who takes pleasure in creative activities… outside of work of course!

Photography and Film are passions that drive Matt personally. He loves his job, enjoys his colleagues, and respects and supports 7-10 clients at any given time. Working at The Profit Line offers him the perfect blend of long-term client relationships, challenging projects where he is learning every day, and personal time to balance himself, spend time with his partner and pursue his personal interests.

If you happen to meet Matt Bain on one of his walks, capturing striking images that catch his eye, chances are slim that you would peg him as an accountant. Matt doesn’t fit the classic stereotype of an accountant. However, he is an excellent one! And he has chosen The Profit Line as the best place to thrive and grow his career.

Matt’s Journey to The Profile Line

Matt joined The Profit Line in November of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. He joined as a Junior Account Manager after completing the Accounting Degree program at George Brown College. Before that he worked for his Mom, a successful independent bookkeeper.

Matt says that he chose to further his education and continue in the accounting field because he felt it was a career with security: everyone needs a good accountant!

Plus…he LIKES it!

Current Role at The Profile Line

Over the past two years, Matt has advanced to the Client Manager position from the entry level Junior position. Junior Client Manager is the starting point at TPL, where you are exposed to a variety of TPL managers and clients. With supervision and support from more senior team members, you are given clear tasks and responsibilities and are encouraged to learn and master critical skills as quickly as possible.

The pace is fast, and the expectations are high. But the training and support that you get are best in class.

Onboarding, training, and support of new associates are a big part of the culture of The Profit Line. Matt now has Juniors who work for him and who rely on him for guidance and coaching.

Best parts of the job?

Working within a close-knit and supportive team environment adds a lot value.

And for Matt, the diversity of the work is fun.

Different client files.

Different challenges to overcome.

Sometimes the workload gets heavy with juggling multiple client files and projects at once, and it can be challenging. But TPL team members learn early how to become skilled organizers and time managers who can keep projects separate and objectives clear.

The variety of work and clients at TPL keeps it very interesting.

“The goal is to reach independence as quickly as possible”

Matt says that a career at TPL naturally encourages broader soft skills and rewards an openness to grow and learn. For instance, onboarding new staff is considered to be everyone’s responsibility, and new Junior accountants are shared by all senior managers who coordinate closely to ensure that the work gets done effectively. That provides new team members with early exposure to a variety of tasks and people. As he has progressed since joining TPL to supervise junior colleagues’ work, Matt has learned valuable leadership skills and patience.

As TPL’s business continues to grow, the key to its success is to recruit, develop, and retain the best people.

Matt thinks that personal growth at TPL is a 2-way street.

“Yes, TPL invests in its employees…but investing back and being open to learning delivers a better experience, and a unique opportunity to grow.”

Most important skills Matt has acquired since joining The Profit Line:

· Being a well-organized self-starter is key.

· Ability to coach and train others.

· Communication across the board: internal and external.

· Ability to convince and persuade.

· Accountability and independence.

Life balance: What are you interests outside of work?

· Spending time with Milo the Yorkie

· Film photography

· Cameras in general

· Movies


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