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Your Flexible, Outsourced Finance Team.

Fresh eyes on your finances so you can grow.


About Us

Our people make all the difference.
The Profit Line team of leading industry experts combines highly specialized skills and personalized service with the latest financial technology tools. This allows us to address the rapidly changing needs of our clients directly, every day. We like to call it High Tech x High Touch.

- We assess and solve some of your biggest financial challenges -

The Profit Line has evolved into a trusted, flexible, and cross-functional finance team. We provide up-to-date solutions in a cost-effective way.

New Growth

Problems We Solve

Do you have multiple finance department needs but are limited by your budget for full-time hires?

The Profit Line can provide cost-effective and real-time solutions. We do this by building a customized team of experts who work on a fractional basis.

Is the pace of financial and accounting technology evolution overwhelming? Or perhaps your systems are not fully automated?

We stay up-to-date with the latest accounting tech solutions so you don't have to. Our team will get you up to speed, seamlessly, then continue to manage and update regularly.

Feeling overwhelmed by government submissions? Not receiving the necessary reports in a timely manner? Does it feel like you’re flying blind?

We manage and process all tax and employee-related reporting, ensuring that payments and collections are completed correctly and on time. We generate customized reports that are relevant to you, such as job costings, profitability, and actuals versus budget. This allows you to make smart business decisions

Is your business growing rapidly, leading to quickly evolving needs?

We regularly evaluate and adapt to these changing needs, providing modified or additional services. This ensures you stay on track without any disruptions.

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Trusted. Innovative. Accountable.

What Our Clients Say

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David Moon, President, Inc.

By outsourcing our bookkeeping and accounting, we have saved an enormous amount of money and the headache of having to manage this process in-house.

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